• Nov 01 2014

    dog with fur down to it's mouth

    How Allergies Make Your Dog Miserable

    Your golden retriever Hunter has become a very efficient scratching machine. From dawn ’til dusk, Hunter scratches every area of his body he can reach. When he tires of that,…

  • Oct 01 2014

    yellow guinea pig

    Your Pocket Pet’s Health Perils

    You can’t imagine life without your hamster Buttercup. This furry little girl is full of charm and personality, and you could sit and watch her for hours. Buttercup has enjoyed…

  • Sep 01 2014

    close up of the cat holding by a doctor

    Five Signs of a Sick Cat

    If there is one thing cats are good at, it’s hiding pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, this means that cat owners may not even realize their pet is in pain or…

  • Aug 01 2014

    little girl talking to her mouse in her hand

    Great Exotic Pets for Kids

    As a parent, you may not be ready to get your kids a cat or dog, no matter how much they’re begging for a pet. Have you considered starting them…

  • Jul 01 2014

    a couple kneeing next to their dog on a trail

    Summertime Safety Hazards for Cats and Dogs

    The cold temperatures and biting winds of winter are behind us, but new hazards lie ahead for our four-legged companions! Below, your Waterloo vet offers tips for keeping your pet…

  • Jun 01 2014

    close up on a tilted cat's head

    How to Keep Your Cat’s Ears Clean and Healthy

    Although cats are excellent self-groomers, their ears could use a little help sometimes. Here, a Waterloo veterinarian advises you on keeping kitty’s ears clean and healthy. Check the Outer Ear…

  • May 01 2014

    green lizzard on a branch

    Cleaning Your Reptile’s Cage

    Since reptiles are easily susceptible to bacterial infections through the skin and digestive system, their cages and cage items need to be regular cleaned. Learn how to successfully clean your…

  • Apr 01 2014

    cat lying on the ground with blue ball on yarn

    Easter Safety Tips for Pets

    The Easter holiday quickly approaches—prepare ahead of time to make sure your furry friends stay safe and sound as you celebrate. Follow these tips from your Waterloo veterinarian to keep…

  • Mar 01 2014

    guinea pig standing with a green apple

    Ringworm in Your Guinea Pig

    Ringworm isn’t quite what it sounds like in regards to guinea pigs—it’s not a parasitic worm, but a fungal infection. The infection is fairly common in guinea pigs, so learn…

  • Feb 01 2014

    dog spending time in the snow

    Keeping a Pet Safe in Extreme Cold

    As the extreme cold of winter blankets the area, we need to stay mindful of our pet’s health, since extreme weather affects them just as much as it affects us….