Hospital Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am to 5:30pm

Sat-Sun: Closed


For small animal emergencies please contact the Emergency Clinic of Waterloo Region at 519-650-1617

For exotic animals please contact the Ontario Veterinary College at 519-823-8830

Phase 1 of Re-opening

As we move into Phase 1 of re-opening, we have made some changes that we would like to share with you. As of now, we are expanding to emergent and non-emergent services. This means we are able to book appointments for annual exams and vaccinations, 4DX tests, non-emergent surgeries such as spays and neuters, nail and beak trims and wing clips. If you are unsure of whether or not your animal can be seen at this time, give us a call and we would be happy to clarify for you.

Curbside Service Only

We are still operating as curbside service only. We ask that you call us upon arrival to the clinic whether you are arriving for an appointment or to pick up supplies. If you have an appointment, a staff member will meet you at your vehicle and take your pet inside the clinic with them for the exam. We ask that all customers remain in their vehicles or return home during exams. Once the exam is complete, one of our veterinarians will call you on your cell phone to go over the exam findings. No services such as bloodwork or x-rays will be completed on your pet (if not previously discussed) without verbal consent from you, the owner. Once the exam is completed, your pet will be returned to you with all necessary supplies. If you are just picking up supplies, a staff member will bring your items outside the door and place them on the curb for you. If you wish to open your trunk or car door, we can place the items in your vehicle for you as you remain in the driver’s seat. Please specify which option you prefer when you initially call us upon arrival.


We are continuing to accept Visa, MasterCard or E-transfer only at this time. Visa and MasterCard sales can be done over the phone upon your arrival at the clinic, or ahead of time when you call to order supplies. If you wish to send us an E-transfer, we ask that it is sent the same day you receive services or pick up supplies. All passwords for E-transfers should be happypets2020 and they can be sent directly to our [email protected] email address. Thank you for your understanding.

Safety Measures

At BSVH, we are continuing to wear personal protective equipment during each appointment. This includes face masks, gloves, and a fresh lab coat between each animal. We are also limiting ourselves to one animal in the clinic at a time, unless the animals are from the same household. Exceptions can be made for animals that are in heat distress during the spring/summer months, however a no contact policy will be in place for all animals in the clinic if this occurs. We continue to sanitize our exam rooms and equipment between each patient.

It’s Hot Outside

We realize that it’s extremely hot outside during some days and not all pets do well in the heat. We have placed a large water bowl at the side of the clinic for pets to drink out of, as well as a cooler with ice and water bottles for customers. Please do not hesitate to take a drink if you or your pet is hot. If your pet is in distress, please call us immediately and we will bring your pet inside to one of our air-conditioned rooms. If you, the customer, are feeling too hot during your wait outside the clinic, we encourage you to return home for the remainder of your pets’ appointment. We will call you when it is time to return for your pet.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your understanding during this time. We are navigating through this as best as we can and continue to learn each day. We ask that you continue to remain patient with us and remember, we are all experiencing the same storm, but many of us are in different boats.