I recently graduated from the University of Guelph with a BScH in Zoology, with a minor in Nutrition. Throughout my undergrad career, I was lucky enough to participate in events such as showing cattle for College Royal, get close to birds of prey with Wild Ontario, and learn hands-on about the native flora and fauna to Ontario. One of my favourite classes was Pet Nutrition as it opened my eyes to how important nutrition is to pets, in regards to diseases prevention and management. My passion for animals and education began young and is almost solely attributed to watching Steve Irwin on Animal Planet. It’s because of him that I have a love for reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and more; what most people would call creepy, I simply see as misunderstood. While I love my two cats (Delilah the tabby, and Gen. Dwight Eisenmeower who’s black and white), I have a particular soft spot for snakes and would love to one day have a ball python.

One day, I hope to become a veterinarian myself and in the meantime, look forward to learning more and more alongside Dr. Buhrows Leach and taking the best care possible of your beloved pets!