Tiffany holding a cat

All my life, I have lived in a house full of pets; with a series of hamsters, cats, dogs and even a bunny and a snake, this was all more than enough to fuel my love of all animals, furry or otherwise. The big fluff ball princess you see in the picture with me is the current little love of my life: 7 year old Martini.When I was young, my older sister got a co-op job at the age of sixteen working for an animal hospital; ever since then it has been my dream to get a job just like hers. I mean, work that involves spending my time with animals?Talk about a dream job! I am extremely honored to finally have this dream come true.

I am currently a student at Conestoga College, finishing up the last semester of my program. This coming September, I will be starting a new journey in my education, with the Early Childhood Education program also offered at Conestoga. It has always been important to me to be in a career field where I will be able to help others, this includes animals. Working at Bridge Street Veterinary Hospital gives me the opportunity to help people and their furry family members have healthy and happy lives.

Animals are so precious, pure and intelligent and I am a firm believer that pets have the effect of making our lives better; which is why it’s our duty to take care of them as they do so much to take care of us.