Co-op Students

BSVH is proud to support our local high schools by participating in Co-op programs. We have had many students from both Bluevale Collegiate and Resurrection Catholic Secondary School. Students can be found helping out around the hospital with cleaning duties, restraining animals, preparing appointment rooms, and observing our veterinarians. We value our students and all the support they provide us with!

Wildlife Haven Waterloo

BSVH has been supporting the Wildlife Haven for many years. We collect donations, organize bake sales, and sell calendars to support the incredible work done to save our wildlife. If you would like to donate, ask one of our staff members how you can help!

Grand River All Breed Rescue

At BSVH, we donate all of our opened, returned, or unused food to the All Breeds Rescue. We are happy to see our unused food go to such a great cause!

The Farley Foundation

At BSVH we are proud to be active supporters of the Farley Foundation. This allows us an opportunity each year to help pet owners who aren’t able to afford necessary or emergency veterinary care. Thank you to everyone who has supported the Farley Foundation in the past. Your contributions make a huge difference!

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region

Every holiday season, BSVH collects donations for the Food Bank of Waterloo Region. Collections can be grocery items or pet food items because we believe that during the holidays, nobody should have to go hungry! Thank you to all of our supporters that have donated in the past to help support this great cause.