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Additional Services

Pet Insurance


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Cat-Friendly Services


At Bridge Street Veterinary Hospital, we understand that for many cats, trips to the vet can be a source of great anxiety. We want to change that once and for all! We are certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners as a cat-friendly practice, which means we have taken special measures to make veterinary care a positive experience for our feline friends.

What exactly is a “cat-friendly practice”?

Recent research has revealed a disturbing trend that shows a significant decrease in feline vet visits. The problem many cat owners face is that visits the clinic can incite feelings of fear, anxiety and even aggression in felines. Cats are incredibly sensitive to their external environment. The unusual odors, sounds and sights associated with a typical veterinary office, combined with having to come into contact with unfamiliar people and animals, can be enough to send even a normally calm kitty into a panic. By the time a nervous cat gets to the exam room, you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

The concept of cat-friendly practices aims to change the entire experience, both for feline patients and their owners. This is accomplished through a number of things. In particular, it’s specialized training of staff in dealing with frightened cats, and designing the hospital environment to make it a less stressful place. At BSVH, we’ve worked hard to achieve our cat-friendly certification, and are proud of the unique care we offer to our feline friends.

From the soft, soothing music playing throughout our clinic to the special calming pheromones we use to infuse the air, to the gentle handling techniques that our team has been trained in, we’re prepared to make even the most apprehensive kitty feel at ease. If your cat is nervous about going to the vet, let us help to set you both at ease. Schedule a cat-friendly appointment today and see what a difference this unique type of care can make!

Nutrition & Weight Management


“Our pets rely on us entirely for their nutrition. We have more control over our pet’s diet than we do with our children or with ourselves.” ~ Alison Sweeney

A healthy pet is a fit pet. The problem is, not all pet food products are created equal, and each pet has his or her own unique nutritional needs. Add that to the fact that there are so many products to choose from, and you’ve got quite the challenge on your hands. Ever try to compare pet foods? The labels alone are enough to overwhelm even the most knowledgeable pet owner.

What about weight control? Could your pet stand to lose (or gain) a few pounds? Pets that are overweight are at a greater risk of developing a number of serious medical conditions, such as diabetes. Likewise, underweight animals are more susceptible to illness or injury. Do you really know what your pet’s ideal weight range should be?

If you answered no, you’re not alone. The topics of nutrition and weight management can be challenging. What you need is the help of an expert! Let the professionals at Bridge Street Veterinary Hospital work with you to develop the perfect plan for your pet.

Good nutrition begins with a thorough physical exam followed by a detailed health analysis of your pet. We want to gather a clear picture of your companion’s current health, lifestyle, preferences and risk factors. We’ll take into consideration such important factors as age, breed, weight and the existence of any medical problems. Once we’ve developed a nutritional profile, we can then use this information to create a diet that will meet your pet’s unique nutritional needs.

Next, we’ll focus on what your pet’s ideal weight range should be. When we have a goal in mind, we’ll then work with you to come up with a plan that will help your pet lose or gain the extra pounds necessary to help them achieve and maintain that ideal weight. Exercise should be an important part of every animal’s life – even those that are older or that suffer from existing medical conditions. We will help pinpoint what activities would be best for your particular situation and then develop a strategy to incorporate physical activity into your pet’s daily routine.

Finally, we’ll revisit your pet’s plan from time to time to adjust for any changes in their needs. As pets age, their needs begin to shift. For instance, puppies and kittens have nutritional needs that are vastly different than those of adult dogs and cats, and senior animals has special needs of their own. It’s important that we revisit our strategy every so often to ensure that it’s still as effective as it was designed to be, and tweak it accordingly to continue to achieve the best possible results.

Our nutritional counseling and weight management services are designed to help bring out the very best in each animal we serve, and we can do the same for your pet! Let us create a customized diet and exercise plan that will get your companion on the path to achieving optimum health for life!

Behavioral Counseling


There’s no question that our pets bring us immeasurable joy and endless entertainment. There are probably a million little things that you could list that you love about your pet. Yet, they are still animals, and can also exhibit certain behaviors that are less than desirable. Dealing with bad pet behavior can make it difficult to form that all important human-animal bond with your pet, and to truly embrace them as a part of the family. The good news is you’re not alone. The team at Bridge Street Veterinary Hospital can help!

We are experienced in all aspects of animal behavior and can help identify the reasons why your pet is acting out. In many cases, what we see as bad behavior is really a sign of a bigger underlying problem. For instance, a pet that becomes destructive whenever they are left alone may actually be suffering from separation anxiety. What’s more, some medical conditions have symptoms that may mimic bad behavior, such as housebreaking accidents. In order to effectively address the problem, we must first identify its root cause.

Once we’ve determined why your pet is behaving in a way that is disruptive to your home, and we have ruled out any medical causes, we can then provide you with the education, tools and support you need to help overcome that bad behavior once and for all. Through proven behavioral modification techniques, such as positive reinforcement and reward training, your pet will become a more balanced, well-behaved member of the family in no time.

Some of the behavioral problems we can assist with include:

  • House Training Problems
  • Biting
  • Aggression
  • Excessive Barking
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Digging
  • Cat Scratching
  • Fear/Anxiety

If you’re struggling with negative pet behavior, don’t wait another moment. Call us today. We can help!