Pain Relief Center

No caring pet owner ever wants to see their animal companion in pain, but it’s something that happens more frequently than you may realize. Maybe it’s pain that is caused as a result of an injury or following a surgical procedure. Perhaps your pet suffers from a painful, chronic medical condition, such as arthritis or hip dysplasia. Whatever the reason, it’s our job – as animal caregivers and veterinary professionals – to do everything within our power to help relieve that pain and provide a more comfortable existence for our cherished companions.

At Bridge Street Veterinary Hospital we take a particular interest in finding ways to manage our patients’ pain most effectively. We utilize a wide variety of methods to control, reduce and eliminate pain, whether it’s acute or chronic. These methods may include one or more of the following recommendations:

  • Oral Medications
  • Topical Pain Relief Products
  • Supplements
  • Steroid Injections
  • Laser Therapy

Whether your pet is in the process of recovering from a recent medical procedure, is in rehabilitation for an injury or is just experiencing pain in general, don’t wait another moment. We will perform a thorough exam and evaluation of your companion to identify the cause and develop the appropriate course of treatment. Let us help your pet live a more comfortable, pain-free life.